Ginori 1735 is ancored in tradition and manufacturing excellence intertwine with timeless beauty. The name Ginori 1735 refers to the eighteenth-century origins of the company, when the Marquis Carlo Andrea Ginori launches the future Manifattura di Doccia in Doccia, in the villa of the family estate.
In 2013, the Manifattura Ginori was acquired by Gucci and the artistic direction entrusted to Alessandro Michele. In 2016, Ginori 1735 went under the direct coordination of the Kering Group, while the creative direction was entrusted to a team of designers formed under the direction of Alessandro Michele during the period in which he held this role. Today Ginori 1735 is an expression of excellence in Italy and in the world in the high artistic manufacture of porcelain, able to combine craftsmanship, creativity and attention to progress.
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