FORNASETTI - A surreal autumn

FORNASETTI - A surreal autumn - LECLAIREUR

The audacity, the originality of which shows Fornasetti for more than 50 years has seduced many enthusiasts around the world. The Italian company's creations bring to the interiors in which they are displayed a feeling of softness and cheerfulness that evokes the dolce vita that can only be experienced in Italy.

Wall plates, tea sets, vases, candles... Fornasetti is infinitely available, coloring the lives of those who have long been seduced by the marvelous illustrations straight from the fertile imagination of Piero, the father, now taken over by his son Barnaba.

Leclaireur has selected for you three series of pieces, Owls, Bacio and a touch of surrealism straight from Tema E Variazoni, illustrating the boundless creativity that makes the wealth of the house Fornasetti




Lovers of the night and its secrets, Fornasetti declines the owl on plates, trays and candles, always with this awake, hypnotic look, yellow on black background. A little piece of nature at home...



Symbol of sensuality, the mouth colonizes ashtrays, scented candles, vases too, and reminds us that Fornasetti is above all a story of passion.



The face of Lina Cavalieri is one of the symbols of the Fornasetti house. Ever since he discovered this singer in the early 1950s, Piero Fornasetti has endlessly transformed her expression, creating drawings with surreal and unforgettable features on a number of plates.

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