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Faith Connexion has taken a famous maxim and made it the banner of its collection Fall/Winter 2017The fireworks are mod-esque and irreverent, combining the influences of the last 30 years - from disco to grunge, from punk to pop-idol - with a thousand references, colors, different genres. The silhouettes call for the limelight, screaming for scandal, for uninhibited fun, for the twelve-thousand-flight life.

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"Too much is never enough"? With pink graffiti, leopard fabrics with holes, eliminated and oversized flags that are mixed, the forces are emulated, and the look is proud. Everything is under control. Since 2004, Faith Connexion has been nourished by multiple influences and aesthetics, just like the tribe of creatives behind the collections, led by former Balmain artistic director Christophe Decarnin. Each season, the collective mixes a little more streetwear, punk and military, the glam all in gold with the wise of more formal pieces.

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Chick yellow furs are mixed with sportswear scarves, leather leggings and platform shoes, while a borsalino completes the silhouette, unifying it, strangely. The perfecto is worn studded to the point of excess; the coat, two sizes above. We associate zebra, checks, turquoise, red and white, a military jacket and a transparent top.

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Spearheading the collection, the suit pants - with Prince of Wales, khaki or sequin patterns - gain in cool attitude with their Kappa side stripes, the result of the collaboration between the French brand and the Italian sportswear brand, and a symbol of an era where mixing genres tends to become the norm.

Faith Connexion crosses time to the forefront, in the 21st century, at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas.

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