EDWARD CRUTCHLEY - The man is a woman like any other

EDWARD CRUTCHLEY - The man is a woman like any other - LECLAIREUR

"Gender makes no sense" is howEdward Crutchley presents his collection, crossed by refined silhouettes, all in fluid lines, sublimated by materials synonymous with grandeur, nobility.

edwardcrutchley-ss18-article-01 edwardcrutchley-ss18-article-02

left : blue jacket
right : silk shirt, silk pants



The British designer evokes an imagination where references to a lost Arcadia are mixed, a poetic vision of a Greek paradise imbued with innocence, ancient floral motifs, inspired by Victorian monkeys frolicking in the flowers, the water of the nile ... The spring-summer 2018 encourages to let yourself go to the dream, to dare a bucolic style.

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Sensitivity, imagination, but also stature, power and finesse. Men dare to wear corsets and thus gain a posture, a distinction of a prince. The Elizabethan embroidery mingles with the shine of the fabrics, the high waist of a bomber gives the silhouette a presence of a sun king while the pants flare out and underline this majestic air of Greek statue.


There is silk, delicate fabrics, light colors, cream colors, the blue of the sky ... Feminine power, masculine sensitivity. Crutchley evokes Dionysus, god of ecstasies and mysteries, through a total oversize look jacket and pants.

Edward Crutchley combines the masculine with the feminine, the feminine with the masculine. Because the man is a woman like any other.

Discover the spring-summer 2018 collection ofEdward Crutchleyat Leclaireur.com and at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas.

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