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EDITAMATERIA - Form + Function + History - LECLAIREUR

Wabi Sabi, or the art of infusing one's creations with stories that transcend aesthetics.

Founded in 2014, Editamateria is more than a collective. In this project, halfway between the brand and the journey, we draw on a shared passion and creativity. Stories are made and told. Under the umbrella of their young label, Silvia Ariemma and Rebecca Treves are home to many designers offering the world objects and furniture each more sought after and refined than the next.

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Ariemma and Treves have brilliantly brought together complementary talents with diverse backgrounds. It was the exhibition "Wabi Sabi, Italian Slow Design" at Turin's Design Week in 2012 (presented again in 2013 at Milan's Salone del Mobile), of which she was the co-curator, that inspired Ariemma to start promoting this aesthetic that links the perfect and the imperfect par excellence. She began working closely with the slow-designers she met during the exhibition. Combining Treves' business acumen and export expertise with Ariemma's creative genius, the duo eventually created their collective, now recognized as a tour de force in the design world. Since then, the two have been scattering the elaborate and impactful works of some of the most exceptional designers around the world.

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"The Blowing Man" is a beautifully minimalist limited edition capsule collection of five hand-blown borosilicate glass pieces by Antonio Arico. Each one features the glassblower. To contemplate him like this, in the midst of exercising his art and in a precarious balance, carrying at arm's length these elliptical forms, it is enough to take one's breath away.

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The pieces of the collection "The Blowing Man" are available at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas and Leclaireur Hérold.

Studio images: Lorenzo Pennati for Editamateria
Behind the scenes of the creation: Editamateria

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