Stories of eccentricity

Stories of eccentricity - LECLAIREUR
Expressing what is fun in terms of artifice and elegance, we present a polymorphous selection of deliberately flamboyant and frivolous pieces.

It woos you,
Lures you,
And seduces you,

It both enlightens you,
And wrong-foots you.

An act of deference and a splash in the face, it succeeds in failure! Transcending into irony, it forms a paradigm of play and display. 
Entering the world of bizarre, we should never underestimate the power of emotion: art forms serving our closest idea of Dionysian beauty, in the sense of intoxication.

Do we want to be close or distant to forms of extremism?

Far from Victorian discretion, this selection explores the journeys of Aristide Najean, Borek Sipek, San Lorenzo and Fornasetti. Objects that have ornamented our spaces looking down on us from every corner.
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