Discover more on Guidi! Exclusive pieces at LECLAIREUR

Discover more on Guidi! Exclusive pieces at LECLAIREUR - LECLAIREUR


Prevailing two new pieces, the Thunder drip bag and boot exclusive to LECLAIREUR, we are taking this time to highlight the heritage and craftsmanship behind the Italian shoe brand.

Handcrafted in Tuscany since its foundation back in 1896, where leatherwork dates back to the Middle Ages, Guidi features an incomparable design. Today, Ruggero Guidi perpetuates the know-how of his heritage, uniting new technologies and old know-how.

Fundamentally purple, this unisex radiant revival of the guidi boot and bag infuses us with a fresh approach from the leather masters. Lustrus colors and reinforced essence never leaving the structured gems. Thunder is storming louder and louder still in the Guidi community.

At the assembly stage, all Guidi shoes are either the natural brown of oil-tanned leather or the lighter, off-white tone of vegetable-tanned leather. The secret to the Guidi aesthetic is a technique known as "object-dyeing." It makes the shoes look and feel soft, plunging the fully formed object as a whole.

This process allows the company to work on an unprecedented array of colors without losing their signature. Distinctly appealing, they are stacked up on signature heels made of thick pieces of leather stacked together and then glued and nailed through.

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