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DESIGN & HOME - All the gold in the world - LECLAIREUR

It all started with the baroque and its obsession with gold, on frames, handles, all objects that could cross your eyes. Then came art deco, taking gold and sculpting it into simplified and graphic lines. Gold is known for its ability to warm up a room and if it was once synonymous with pomp and ostentation, it has become the perfect way to modernize an interior. From graphic to organic, from abstract to figurative, gold has many faces. Leclaireur presents its favorite pieces.



If you see life as a Tetris, then this selection all in geometric shapes is made for you.

From golden furoshikis by Pierre Bonnefilleinspired by the traditional Japanese art of folding, in the mirror of the Campana brothers for GHIDINI1961 and its complex lines. Up to Fornasettiwho plays with the gold checkerboard on a background of Lina Cavalieri, or GHIDINI1961 playing with ovals and textures with his Leaf Table.



Sometimes gold takes on a more volatile, organic appearance, far from the frozen calm of a mastered sculpture. It inspires artists to create pieces with shapes reminiscent of nature. Like this Atelier Von Pelt lampwith its warm tones that seem to come from the heart of the earth. Pierre Bonnefille plays on all the tables and his Bronze Paintings are the perfect demonstration of instinctive expression. And if gold sublimates what exists, in the image of this Philippe Hiquily table table with its raw top, it also invites to conjure up new worlds, those where fantastic creatures illuminate us, like the unicorns of Aristide Najean

Discover our selectionYou have gold in your hands.

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