DEEPTI - On the Edge of the Razor

DEEPTI - On the Edge of the Razor - LECLAIREUR

"Broken Formality", Deepti's latest collection, questions the notions of strength and fragility, flexibility and rigidity. In the line of sight, the balance, in the right line of the technical challenge operated with The Suicide Vest, realized in broken glass.

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The pieces created by Deepti Barth arouse curiosity, surprise by their construction, by the skilful work on cuts and materials and by the most avant-garde vision shown by the German designer.

The blazer jackets, with their refined style and cold tones, evoke icy concrete and anonymous, sanitized cities. Their lapels are made of broken glass, as if to better underline the cracks, the fragility of the being and of the material.

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On the back of some pieces, the seams, like fracture lines, reveal the skin, under the effect of the tension of the body on the fabric. The garment then seems ready to crack, losing its primary function of protection, while gaining in flexibility, allowing the body to move with ease.


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In 2014, Deepti Barth launched her brand, after training, for nearly 7 years, alongside Carol Christian Poell. Since then, she has been reinterpreting men's wardrobe classics through experimental technical constructions, constantly trying out new materials, such as liquid silver, which she mixes into her fabrics to create a gradual oxidation of the garment, adapted to the wearer's pace of life.

Find your balance with the Deepti collection at Leclaireur Hérold.

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