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With summer fast approaching, the spring/summer 2018 collection signed Craig Green seems to be just what we need before choosing our next vacation destination. The English designer goes in search of a new paradise, just for us, a paradise full of colors, but surrounded by mysteries, papuans, tribes gathered around sacred totems, protected from the sun by many pink palm trees.


on the right : Craig Green sweater

craiggreen-ss18-article-09 craiggreen-ss18-article-12

The palm trees stand out on a red sky background, and on a Desert Island cotton shortsor on a jacket with straight cuts, on which the blue of the ocean is drawn. Craig Greennamed British Designer of the Year at the last British Fashion Awards, adds laces to sweatshirtssweatshirts, to t-shirts also, giving each of these pieces an almost mystical force, proper to any ceremonial clothing. The abstract patterns on the cotton jackets say everything about these indigenous languages, which make us travel, make us see new landscapes, and still keep all their secrets.

craiggreen-ss18-article-02 craiggreen-ss18-article-03
craiggreen-ss18-article-05 craiggreen-ss18-article-04
craiggreen-ss18-article-06 craiggreen-ss18-article-07

Enter the dance with the collection spring/summer 2018 collection by Craig Greenavailable at Leclaireur Sévigné and

Photos of the campaign by :
Art Direction - Craig Green (@craig__green)
Photographer - Dan Tobin Smith (@Dantobinsmith)
Styling - Robbie Spencer (@RobbieSpencer)
Art direction - Ben Kelway (@benkelwaystudio)
Sculptures in collaboration with David Curtis-Ring (@davidcurtisring)

Backstage photos by Amy Grawtkin

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