Let's start with the syllables: Cher-ev-ich-kiot-vich-ki. Translated from Slavic, the brand name means "one shoe per Victoria", and it is precisely this simplicity, so pure and meaningful, that transpires through all the label's designs. At Leclaireur, the teams accepted the challenge with enthusiasm, motivated by an immoderate love for this atypical designer. Eventually, yes, by concentrating, we manage to pronounce the unpronounceable. What remained was to put the spotlight on Cherevichkiotvichki's creations, and on Victoria Adrejeva, their playful, moving and imaginative designer.

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The shoes, designed in her London studio, are handcrafted in Italy and stand out for their beautiful and durable laminated leather heels. The stable fit of the shoe is transcended by elegant lasts, adorned with playful, original details and neutral colors. The garments produced by Cherevichkiotvichki are equally enchanting; the pieces have a history, the result of intense textile research and a nuanced color palette: ethereal and organic browns, antique gold, electric blues, ceruse whites. The product of an original and providential spirit in the fashion world, Victoria Andrejeva's pieces remind us how important play is in the process of discovery, and that designs born with such fun can add just the right amount of levity to our wardrobe.

Cherevichkiotvichki article header

Born in Lithuania, Victoria grew up surrounded by the remnants of Soviet culture and the resurgence of Baltic culture. The functional clothes worn by her family's workers during this era of change were a reference for this prolific mind. Arriving in Europe as an adult, the self-taught shoe designer, designer and artist has built an enviable list of fans and designers (including Toogood and Comme des Garçons) around her internationally, with whom she has continued to work since launching her own brand five years ago. For example, Victoria Andrejeva, the artist, has created acclaimed installations at Dover Street Market in London and Mona Moore in Los Angeles, to name a few.

Shoes from the House of Cherevichkiotvichki are available at Leclaireur Sévignéwhere they are waiting for you with a firm and delicate foot.

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