CEDRIC JACQUEMYN - From the Heart to the Soul

CEDRIC JACQUEMYN - From the Heart to the Soul - LECLAIREUR

The collection Spring/Summer 2017 by Cedric Jacquemyn is an invitation to imagine the world of tomorrow, an infinite world, without borders, built on the ruins of glorious Babylon, where man finally finds his balance.

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If Cedric Jacquemyn's name is on everyone's lips today, it's undoubtedly because he proposes a balanced vision of the male silhouette, an architectural silhouette, free of all ostentatious elements, playing on the contrasts between materials and shades of black. This season, the Belgian designer warns: "Here is no border, only dust"... He plants his flag on a virgin land without limits, where man, lightened from the weight of a society that has become too complex, connects again with his primitive, essential "self".


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Here, wild beauty and romantic elegance go hand in hand. The fluidity of materials softens clean cuts, and the crumpled fabrics give a look that is as modern as it is urban.

The wools are light, vaporous, falling delicately on leather shorts that look as if they were cut from scratch with a precise, instinctive gesture. The wool coats are sublimated by leather pants, again, designed as sculptures, whose materials absorb the energy of the light.

Cédric Jacquemyn even imagines a vest in lambskin, of a wild beauty, available at Leclaireur Sévigné.


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Each piece in this Spring/Summer 2017 collection captures the eye like new shades of an almost desert landscape, an arid land where beauty lies above all in emotion, in sincerity more than in appearance.

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