Spooky, imposing, subversive. Carol Christian Poell's 'drip cors' vest is a tailored leather piece unfolding a uniform. An exploration of tailoring technical know-how and sharp leather skills. An investigation of the body, a breathing relationship with a piece of leather.

Beyond the very notion of time, the 'drip cors' vest is a light gray jacket in horse cordovan with thick dark melted rubber details at the bottom hem and sleeves.

Distinctively rigid, it has been purposely designed to give you a certain posture, representative of the designer's making.

Close to the body and flexible, it feels like a second skin, will you have to get used to it, or will it have to get used to you?

Handcrafted with undyed materials in tanning barrels, it gained surface or color irregularities due to the peculiarity of the process. The color may fade with time and wear leading to changes that should be regarded as unique characteristics that only particular leather items are able to obtain.

A skin, inked, washed, to be cared for and evolving with her wearer, the designer's designer.



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