BOTH - Putting Art at Your Feet

BOTH - Putting Art at Her Feet - LECLAIREUR

Why choose when you can have everything? That's the question BOTH seems to be asking with its line of revisited classics. The Paris-based shoe brand offers a clever balance between originality and functionality, and intends to turn our feet into everyday works of art.

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From lo-top sneakers to hi-tops, BOTH understands the shoe as an artistic work of art while keeping its practical side. The rather classic design - very Converse - is distinguished by the innovation that the brand instils in all its creations.

BOTH chooses not to limit the use of rubber to the sole, but to extend it to the whole foot, in order to create real trompe-l'oeil, sneaker sculptures giving the wearer the impression of having feet drawn by the agile hand of an artist.

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Such a magic trick is possible thanks to the balanced marriage between natural materials - rubber but also horse leather, calf leather - and the use of modern technologies, based on thirty years of research dedicated to rubber.

With their dynamic lines, the BOTH shoes put one foot assuredly in the contemporary and, on the other, free themselves from the times. The sneakers are designed almost like Formula 1 tires, offering the kind of performance and strength that allows you to walk the city streets with the same energy as on a racetrack.

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The BOTH shoe collection is available at Leclaireur Boissy d'AnglasandLeclaireur Sévigné.

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