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Year after year, Boris Bidjan Saberi shapes a post-apocalyptic world populated by urban explorers with slender silhouettes. Borrowing from nature its colors and reliefs, the collection Arcanism collection of spring-summer 2018 takes on the air of a link between the old world and the one yet to come, like an invitation to return to essential values.


"I consider myself a primitive designer," he confessed at the interview he gave us last year. Primitive, like the patina of his leather jackets and pants, aged by time, worn by the elements. Primitive, like the landscapes from which he borrows the color, the green of virgin forests, the yellow sand, and the ochre of an arid earth. Each piece is rich in folds, reliefs, like steep, wild landscapes.


The accessories set the tone: blacksmith's gloves, metalworkers' aprons, vests with straps and ultra-wide pockets - in which to stuff flax and sunflower seeds - each silhouette implies a relationship with the earth. "I would like people to close their eyes and feel again," said the German designer. To feel, by touch of course, to let oneself be carried away by the emotions of the materials used, by the knitwear on the skin, small or XXL.


boris-bidjan-saberi-article-ss18-04 boris-bidjan-saberi-article-ss18-05

To feel also the perfume Boris Bidjan Saberior the scent of a candle. Like the one with the scent of horse leather, protected in a lava stone jar, that he created in collaboration with the French house Mad & Len.



Discover the primitive worlds of Boris Bidjan Saberiat Leclaireur Hérold


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