Crack the system with Balenciaga

Crack the system with Balenciaga - LECLAIREUR

Cyberpunk week. After the look of the weekhere is a 100% Balenciaga editorial... in green and against all odds. The letters blink and are printed on the retina. The fingers on the keyboard are typing: we code a future in three dimensions. Serious, but not too serious. In techno-crack mode, we follow the lines of code. We rave behind a pair of smoked glasses with American lines, in the style of the 50s... 2050. The future is already here, retro: ahead of its time. He prints his password on a shirt, in red on a black background: BALENCIAGA. Color of abstraction, of mystery, black is cerebral, black is infinite, like all these possibilities still to be explored, all the programs still to be created to thwart the system. We still have a lot to do together. The future spreads its web, on a silhouette in .psd. The lights are green, and the sun shines behind the screen.

black shirt, black jeans, chain necklace, Triple S sneakers

white shirt, blue jeans, Triple S sneakers

Techno t-shirt, blue and black backpack, Explorer" fanny pack, blue pouch, card holder, mirror glasses

t-shirtred, glassesaviator

oversize hoodie, Invisible Cat" glasses






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