BEFORE YOU - A Little, A Lot, A Little Delicately

BEFORE YOU - A Little, A Lot, Delicately - LECLAIREUR

We love them, our big sweaters, we love them, and we are only waiting for one thing, let's admit it: to put away our big sweaters to better forget them, for the next six months, at least, and more if affinities. In one turn of the loom, the house Before You brings our fantasies to life, with sweaters as light as breath, light sweaters, yes, and free as air too.


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With Avant Toi, two cashmere and knitting virtuosos create a unique knitwear and offer the material a new youth by always pushing the limits of the technique. Since 1994, Mirko Ghignone and his sister Fiorella have been appropriating this mastery of another time to the yarn, even to the threads of a finer, softer, more elegant knit.

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Friends of all seasons, the Avant Toi pieces, simple tops or cardigans, are dressed in cashmere, play with thicknesses and colors, and become the chameleons of a wardrobe that adapts to everything, while preserving the softness and warmth of knitwear, even for the finest pieces.

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This season, Avant Toi laughs at the floods, and gets carried away with exotic influences, vaporous colors, with a sultry, lively and delicate allure.

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