ARNE FIFTEEN in L.A. - Angel's Gold


It's raining gold at Leclaireur Los Angelesthe new design showcase opened last September, where Arne Quinze just presented his latest work.

Arne Quinze Los Angeles 01

The installation, entitled NATURAL CHAOS Golden Edition N°1, marks a turning point for the Belgian artist who previously signed the design of the space rue de Sévigné in Paris.

At nightfall, admirers and collectors - gathered in the heart of West Hollywood during an evening rich in encounters - were able to discover this amazing installation. Forty-five kilos of pure gold fashioned by the hand of Arne Quinze, in partnership with Veridor.

Arne Quinze Los Angeles 02

Arne Quinze & Meryl Hadida Shabani

Created in 2014, this unique piece is an assemblage of one hundred and seventy-six meters of rods, pipes, cables and gold leaf. Suspended above the ground, it evokes an interstellar and graceful chaos, like a golden cloud floating in the air with elegance and lightness.

Arne Quinze Los Angeles 03

The use of white gold and rose gold - an alloy of yellow gold, copper and silver - worked by jewelers and great designers, amplifies the sudden emotion that the structure provokes, like an echo to nature, inexhaustible of beauty. One and a half meters high, offering a movement whose balance is ensured by the gold leaves that compose it, it calls for the light that, reflecting on it, colors the room and enamels the walls with golden flashes.

Arne Quinze Los Angeles 04

Arne Quinze & Armand Hadida

From Brussels to the City of Angels, passing through Paris at Leclaireur Sévigné, the works of Arne Quinze reveal the particular power to create links between those who are the spectators.

Photographer: Kelly Serfoss

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