AMBIENTEC - Diamonds of light

AMBIENTEC - Diamonds of light - LECLAIREUR
The magic of a table is not only due to the guests or the dishes that are placed on it. And this is what Ambientecshows us through a line of lighting fixtures that look like they were cut from diamonds.
Made from solid glass, the lamps Ambientec lamps bring with their discreet charm just the right amount of light to add a little warmth where there is not enough. From the living room to the bedroom, the patio and even the garden, these original creations seduce with their geometric shapes that give off LED light through harmonious and poetic patterns.
They add the beauty of crystal to a table and are available in three models: the Xtal, Xtal Acrux and Xtal Becrux. Adjustable on three levels of intensity, they distill an ideal light to install a hushed atmosphere, conducive to good humor and confidences. They will be appreciated on a table set with poetic cutlery signed Coralla Maiuriand glasses signed Montenapoleone Claw.
Launched by Yoshinori Kuno with the aim of creating exceptional lighting fixtures, Ambientec combines technological expertise and high-end aesthetics thanks to its partnership with leading designers such as Ryu Kozeki.
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