AGANOVICH Rock Me Amadeus


Fall/Winter 2016 signs at Aganovich a graphic and theatrical season, in raven black and immaculate white.

When Nana Aganovich and Brooke Taylor decided in 2006 to pool their experiences - she in creation, he in writing - in the service of the same artistic vision, they chose to go beyond simple technical issues. Together, they deploy the powers of a sharp, angular line, changing the world a little more with each production through their "dandy activism. Throughout the seasons, they anchor their creations in a world of their own, far from the too narrow framework of reality.

Aganovich article 01

Here, shirt collars multiply in a game of ruffles and bows, climbing up the neck like exalted lavalieres. The sleeves of the coats flare out to accompany the gestures. The hips disappear under layers of puffy fabric, playing with the volumes of the body. On the feet, that the model keeps well planted in the real, two-tone and ultra-efficient neo-converses.

Aganovich article 02 Aganovich article 03

In an intoxicating and creative whirlwind, the British duo invites the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to take their ease in the twenty-first, mixing genres and eras. The dark overcoats are adorned with monochrome brocades, those of a gothic and fertile aristocracy. Creatures of the night, emerging from the shadows in velvet dresses as opaque as the darkness, the mannequins advance, their shoulders dressed by frenetic strips of fabric. Brush strokes, master strokes.

Aganovich article 04

Suspend, you too, the hold of time in the alcove of Leclaireur Hérold with the Aganovich collections for men and women.

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