Afroditi Hera perpetuates the tradition of Greek fashion as it has been imagined since the dawn of time: flowing silhouettes, wide cuts, for ample dresses that look like togas escaped from our most ancient dreams.

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A miraculous apparition from Cyprus, emerging from the blue of the Mediterranean, the designer invokes both Aphrodite, goddess of love, and Hera, the feminine divinity par excellence. She adorns them with necklaces and breastplates, like thousand-year-old treasures charged with history and mystical energy. In addition to developing a feminine line where light and airy fabrics echo her cultural origins, Afroditi Hera works with leather, which she softens, transforms, and reinvents, playing with contrasts of colors and materials.

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Muse, amazon, or simply queen, the Afroditi Hera woman wears dresses like no other. The fabrics float with elegance and give her an allure of invincible priestess of femininity. Tribal patterns, geometric shapes and zebra stripes bloom in the middle of a bouquet of bright colors, investing the daydreams of those who cross the path of this woman sure of her charm and strength.

You too, let yourself be guided and follow the steps of Afroditi Hera, at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas.

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