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AETHER - Molecular Pleasures - LECLAIREUR

A universal and mythical substance, invisible and absolute, ether has aroused passions throughout the centuries and inspired philosophers as well as physicists to wage fierce battles over it. By creating Aether Perfumes, Nicolas Chabot has - subtly - put an end to the discord, by initiating a true olfactory revolution, perfectly artificial.

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The perfumes of authors claim the noble material, the concentration of the rare product and the natural processes ? The director of the historic perfume house Le Galion, Nicolas Chabot, doesn't care, and shakes up the foundations of traditional perfumery by exploring the incisive dimensions of molecular perfume. With perfumers Amélie Bourgeois and Anso Benhagel, Chabot plays the role of genius apprentice-chemist, bringing together metal, floral, sand, neoprene, musk, wood and gasoline, stirring the senses with a voluptuousness like no other.... and imagining concoctions in which Mother Nature, unrecognizable, would not find her young.

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To experimental souls, value does not wait. With Aether Perfumes, Chabot offers the world the very first molecular fragrances of tomorrow, surprising, hypnotic, contemporary and intoxicating. Etheric bodies attach themselves to the carnal envelope and delight the spiritual being, creating a parallel, mysterious and unique dimension. Like chemical chain reactions, born from molecular shocks straight out of renegade minds, the magical and retro-futuristic formulas of Aether Perfumes stimulate the imagination and heal the heartaches.

Discover these five fragrances exclusively at Leclaireur Sévigné starting in April.

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