AALTO - Paradise Lost

AALTO - Paradise Lost - LECLAIREUR

Earth, a lost paradise? Tuomas Merikovski, designer of the Finnish brand, is truly optimistic and offers us a vision of the future filled with hope. His collection was thought for the travelers in the making, the explorers of the future and the women who walk with confidence towards their own horizon.


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The slender silhouettes like buildings, hybrids, slide between the purity of Welcome to Gattaca, and the de-structure, inspired by the dystopian world of Blade Runner. Two science fiction films, therefore, two films that inspired the collection.




Aalto deconstructs the blazers and cuts them high, at the level of the chest, to associate them with a skirt whose construction, and the striped pattern, suggest the extension of it. On one side, the seriousness of a suit office. On the other, the raw energy, all in punk attitude, of furs in vest or used as yokes. Halfway, shirts and small wools adopt the emerald green, symbol of youth, love, wink to nature obvious, extended by sweaters thought in the same tone. Most of the pieces are created from recycled materials and cottons, a leitmotiv reinforced by fantastic prints, designed by Sami Saramäki, representing a matriarchal society in harmony with their environment.




Aalto offers a sophisticated, non-conformist collection, emphasized by the curved lines or the high waist that the down jackets adopt, thought as uniforms to put on to explore new worlds and new paradises.


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Because for one paradise lost, ten found, at Leclaireur Sévigné.


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