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AALTO - Sustainable style - LECLAIREUR

The last season, Aaltodescribed the earth as a lost paradise. Our only destiny? To leave, far away in the cosmos, and explore new horizons. What if the solution was right here, in front of us? This spring/summer 2018, Aalto looks to the past to embrace once and for all that word that sounds like a foreign language to climate skeptics' ears: recycling.

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left:sleeveless dress



The internet generation mixes inspirations, here blue gloves complete a green dress, red socks silhouette, there a layering game as if it was enough to pick in the wardrobe of his ancestors to find a shoe to fit.

Tuomas Merikovski imagines a collection all in volume, in patchwork of materials, where the leather of a perfecto jacket rubs shoulders with the vinyl of a pair of pants, while the shine of pink shorts is combined with a blue-gray jacket with a textured print.


That's where the collaboration with RePack, a Finnish packaging company, comes in, whose yellow bags made of recyclable materials take on the look of it bagthat can be perfectly matched to a look Boris Bidjan Saberi. The hybrid silhouettes dare to mix genres, with a top with yellow RePack yoke on the front, a white draped shirtand a denim jacket with worn-out edgesthat looks like it came out of a vintage thrift store, and a jeans with pleated detailsthat looks like it was made from two different jeans. Yes, having style and a sustainable and eco-responsible look is possible.


Discover the collection Aalto spring-summer 2018 at Leclaireur Sévigné and on Leclaireur.com.

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