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A-COLD-WALL* - Architectural Streetwear - LECLAIREUR

A-Cold-Wall A-Cold-Wall*: "a cold wall", a literal translation that evokes urban spaces, the geometry of metropolises, those towers and walls that rise tirelessly in cities, built by an army of construction workers. The brand founded by Samuel Ross - whose avowed mentor is Virgil Abloh - pushes streetwear to a much more fashionable place, halfway between purely functional everyday clothing and a much more creative, artistic approach to it. If we had to summarize A-Cold-Wall*two words would suffice: arty streetwear.

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Hoodies, jeans, suit jackets, t-shirts, shirts, jogging pants... spring-summer 2018 offers something to fill every wardrobe, no matter the style of the owner. Where the English designer stands out is in his architectural approach to the silhouette. Often abstract, it comes in monochromes of pale blue, black, gray - that gray that dresses our cities with concrete.

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The theme of the square, and the search for shapes and asymmetrical cuts, give each piece a sharp appearance, accentuated by the materials used in its manufacture. Synthetic materials, such as PVC, found in strips on a jacket, on the length of the leg, or in the back of a hoodie, recall the atmosphere of "construction" that emanates from big cities. The eliminated edges of a grey coat, blackened towards the bottom, direct our thoughts towards workwear, while keeping this aspect Do it yourself aspect that Samuel Ross has cultivated since the beginning of the brand.


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Discover the Spring/Summer 2018 collection of A-Cold-Wall* at Leclaireur Sévigné.

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