The space on rue de Sévigné, in the heart of the marsh, is a work of art in itself, jointly created with Belgian artist Arne Quinze. A bright anteroom serves as the backdrop for a collection of niche fragrances, inviting visitors to leave the sounds and distractions of the street behind, while exhilarating their senses. Entering the main room, visitors discover a unique environment: two tons of wooden planks form a complex and organic architecture, and 147 screens offer as many surprises. Hidden behind movable walls, blurring the lines between illusion and reality, the collections for men and women appear.

The surprise, the seduction and the rapture caused by the most bewitching designers in the world of fashion today, presented in the Sévigné boutique - including Yohji Yamamoto, Y / Project, Haider Ackermann and Comme des Garçons - all these sensations respond to those produced by the place that welcomes them. Spectacular and interactive, Leclaireur Sévigné brings together art, technology, design and that unique style that defines Leclaireur so well.

“It's not a store, it's an experience. This project is the concrete realization of a dream, an intention nourished by emotions, stories, memories; like a tale in which everyone can find a little of their person. ” - Arne Quinze