LECLAIREUR opened its first destination in Paris in 1980 disrupting the boundaries between fashion, design and lifestyle.

« We are all born from merging influences. Together, our imagination can unleash a new modern and unbound mythology. In this light, we embrace our hybrid nature. Hybrid Minds don’t acknowledge borders. We, as hybrids, continuously expand our horizons. We, LECLAIREUR, heed the call of freedom, and that of like-minded kindred spirits who will not stand to be labeled, categorized, or even limited to today’s current divisions.

Today, like others before us, we choose to support emerging creation and to stand for what we believe to be right: no more frontiers, no more scissions, and more inclusion. Let’s fight for an enlightened and respectful Creation. Resistance is a State of Mind. So is Youth. Let’s build bridges together. With creativity, wit, novelty, playfulness, innovation, connection. Resist. Create. Love ».

-Armand Hadida, Co-Founder