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Fornasetti Candelabra "SUL TARDI" - Fragrance Frutto Proibito

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SUL TARDI" candelabra adorned with Peccato Originale - Fragrance Frutto Proibito container.
Fornasetti Frutto Proibito fragrance combines lemony Mediterranean top notes with the soft embrace of jasmine in a luxurious abandon with seductive notes of tuberose and the gentle caresses of rosewood.

Refills are also sold separately for this product (the center candle and the 6 candles).

All Fornasetti home fragrances have been designed exclusively for the new Fornasetti Profumi collection, using environmentally-friendly ingredients for non-polluting combustion.

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46% Ceramic
43% Brass
Shorten the wick by 5 to 7 mm before lighting it again, this to ensure optimal burning and to avoid any smoke in order to preserve the scent quality of the candle for longer.

Size: TU

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