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WOMENSWEAR - Women of letters

If summer is synonymous with idleness, sun and beach, it is also synonymous with reading. Taste of dream, desire of escape, these stories made us travel, their heroines marked us....

If summer is synonymous with idleness, sun and beach, it is also synonymous with reading. Taste of dream, desire of escape, these stories made us travel, their heroines marked us. Leclaireur offers you 6 famous female characters, 6 remarkable styles by their diversity, to adopt according to your moods, your desires, to spend an unforgettable summer...



Alice was a dreamer under the pen of Lewis Carroll. Attracted by adventures more extravagant than the others, she meets a rabbit in a hurry, Bill the lizard, the Cheshire cat and a caterpillar who smokes hookah, among others. Today, Alice would be a raverin a total Richard Quinn look, British and extravagant, enhanced by trendy and colorful accessories like Balenciaga boots in purple velvet and a Fendi belt bagdiscovering, as soon as the night falls, the wonders of an infinite psychedelic world.


THE BLACK DAHLIA by James Ellroy


Exterior/Night: Los Angeles in the late 1940s. A young actress leaves a reception celebrating the release of the first film in which she has managed to get a secondary role. "I have an idea for a screenplay for you," says her date. Carmine red on the lips, she wears a Monse dress blue nightand earrings Werkstatt:München that make her shine with a thousand lights. On her hair, a black dahlia, on her arm, a red handbag J.W Anderson which gives her the look of a young star ready to conquer Hollywood.


THE DANGEROUS LIAISONS by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos


Like the Marquise de Merteuil, you reveal yourself just right, wearing a Monse evening dress offering your back to their gaze. You know how to seduce, and you know how to play it, wearing a Chloé Drew Bijou bag. You live your life the way you want to, listening only to your desires. You have a thirst for knowledge, and walk straight ahead with Balenciaga bootsleaving in your wake a perfume of freedom and mystery.


LOLITA by Vladimir Nabokov



"Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lii-ta: the tip of the tongue takes three small steps along the palate to tap, three times, against the teeth. Lo. Li. Ta. In the morning she was Lo, simply Lo, with her beige crocodile effect Aalto boots. She was Lola in sweater and skirt Chloé. She was Dolly with her Gucci glasses. She was Dolores on the dotted line. But in my arms, she was still Lolita."


MILLENIUM by Stieg Larsson


Short black hair, pale complexion, tattoos, piercings, with her look Lisbeth Salander has everything to join the society of crows led by Rick Owens. Dynamic and all terrain, she wears a pants with side pockets and rangers signed by the American designer, and infiltrates incognito by hiding behind her Vava glasses. She has the physique of a small man and the strength of ten men, but her leather jacket Rokh leather jacket gives her the stature she really deserves. Out of the system, the only money she is interested in is her bracelet Werkstatt:München.




This summer, the bohemian life is yours, under the sun, in town or at the beach, Esmeralda style. Below, a J.W Anderson skirtskirt, to twirl, to dance with carelessness all night long, on top a Rick Owens sweater and aPierre-Louis Mascia scarf to add lightness to the silhouette. Forget the spotlight, the earrings Werkstatt:München are there for that, attracting many suitors, bewitched by your charm. All you have to do is choose...


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