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Grace Wales Bonneris a modern designer, with a conscience well anchored in her time. With each collection, she explores a part of her mixed-race heritage, and gives black identity more...

Grace Wales Bonner is a modern designer with a strong awareness of her time. With each collection, she explores a part of her mixed-race heritage, and makes black identity more visible. After having explored the relationship between Africa and the West, Wales Bonner proposes a minimalist spring-summer 2018 collection centered around questions of gender, skin color, and identity. She draws her inspiration from a exhibition honoring the queer and African-American writer James Baldwin and a text signed Hilton Als " James Baldwin/Jim Brown and the Children ", and emphasizes, once again, that his creative work is closely tied to his political consciousness.

walesbonner-ss18-article-06 walesbonner-ss18-article-07

left: leather jacket
on the right : ivory jogging pants

Wales Bonner goes for the essential by signing unisex and pure silhouettes, almost to the bone, like with this leather jacketleather jacket, this cotton jacketand this thin striped sweater. The long sleeve t-shirts The long-sleeved T-shirts feature prints of British painter Chris Ofili, the first black artist to win the Turner Prize, illustrating male race relations. The navy blue jacket decorated with cowrie shells on the collar - small shells long used as currency in Africa - testify to the relationship between Wales Bonner with that continent.

walesbonner-ss18-article-03 walesbonner-ss18-article-04

by Jamie Stoker

walesbonner-ss18-article-01 walesbonner-ss18-article-02

photo left by Jamie Stoker

Discover the collection Wales Bonner spring-summer 2018 at Leclaireur Sévigné.


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