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THE SHEPHERD UNDERCOVER - The Return of the Quiet Force

The mature man is calm, attentive to his emotions. Confident, strong and serene, he guides his flock to the greenest pastures. He also inspires a new line of winter clothing...

The mature man is calm, in tune with his emotions. A man of confidence, strength and serenity, he leads his flock to the greenest pastures. He also inspires a new line of winter clothing by The Shepherd UNDERCOVER.

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The Shepherd, a line of elegant and sophisticated basics, ranging from coats to loose pants, elegant shirts, or more casual. It needed an extraordinary personality to embody it, a precious artist playing the luxury models. Thom Yorke, leader of the band Radiohead and friend of Jun Takahashi, the Japanese designer at the head of UNDERCOVER, sticks to it with the ineffable grace that we know him.

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The aesthetic of The Shepherd is wiser than what we usually see from Jun Takahashi. The punk elements with which the Japanese designer feeds the UNDERCOVER creations are more discreet, almost invisible.

The slit of a coat plays the divergence with back seams, flouts the conventions, confuses the view and lets the questioning arise. The topstitching gives the piece a handcrafted look, almost cachet, while the crumpled shirt adds relief to a wise silhouette, imbued with a real personality.

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The fitted cuts of the shirts, and of the coat as well, structure the silhouette, timeless, free from the cycle of the seasons, while the rather loose cuts of the pants, stopped above the ankle, give it a modern look, anchored in its time. The Shepherd's first collection evokes a rich, untamed character that retains all its thickness. An ideal line to get through the winter in complete serenity, and welcome a spring that is already fertile in projects.


The Shepherd UNDERCOVER collection is available at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas and Leclaireur Sévigné.


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