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"Alternative Tentacles"? An invitation to mix genres, summarized in a set of pieces dipped in an abysmal black, and a title of choice for the fall-winter 2017 collection signed TAKAHIROMIYASHITA...

"Alternative Tentacles"? An invitation to mix genres, summed up in a set of pieces drenched in abysmal black, and a choice title for the fall-winter 2017 collection signed TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The SoloIst. A season that wants to be sprawling, therefore, at the crossroads of various influences.

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Takahiro Miyashita indeed moves from one era to another, from one spirit to another, and cheerfully straddles the distance between the Western world and his homeland, Japan.

The cowboy skull look, including hat and fringed jacket, meets the urban and hyper functional hoodie with pockets on the front. The SoloIst is a modern day ninja warrior, ready to face the hazards of everyday life, always attached to his total freedom of movement. The cuts of the pants are excessive, add up and play on the contrasts and the superpositions.

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Seriousness and depth of black are insolently contradicted by the messages that are spread, full of humor, on the t-shirts of the season. "I don't want to be an ADULT today. I don't even want to be HUMAN. Today, I'm a CAT".


The absolutely rock'n'roll front split blazer is subtly highlighted with a crooked collar. One more musical reference in the score that the most American of Japanese designers has been writing since the beginning of the brand. Each of his collections brilliantly borrows from Anglo-Saxon rock culture, as his friend Jun Takahashi, aka Undercover, pointed out in a recent interview. From Johnny Cash to Nirvana to Bowie, it's all in Miyashita's dreams. He worships former Beatle John Lennon and remains 100% independent in all his choices.

Discover the TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The SoloIst collection atLeclaireur Hérold.


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