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No Name Kitchen Manufactureimagines and manufactures the highly functional luxury kitchen, sublime to live in and without concession.To understand the origin of the deep friendship between Roland Szélé and Armand...

No Name Kitchen Manufacture imagines and manufactures the highly functional, sublime and uncompromising luxury kitchen.

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To understand the origin of the deep friendship between Roland Szélé and Armand Hadida, we must go back in time to the beginnings of Leclaireur. When the very first boutique opened, Armand made a radical, intuitive and essential decision to mix creative expressions and include design in his universe. He met Roland, Bulthaup's sales manager, for whom the kitchen is simply the epicenter of the home. For Armand, the kitchen is the ultimate place to share, a place for creation, meetings and exchanges. The kitchen that the two men imagined together was, from the start, conceived as the heart of the rue des Rosiers. Armand's friends and family gather around the art of the table, pleasure and taste.

From customization to made-to-measure, there is more than one step, there is a life. When, twenty years later, Roland created No Name Kitchen Manufacture, Leclaireur Hérold is home to a majestic kitchen model, imagined by the Hadidas and made to measure. It allows to receive friends in a timeless, different setting and to offer an exceptional place to culinary creators and to the chosen ones of the gastronomy, in order to inspire them to make it an innovative showcase.

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"For the Hérold kitchen," explains Armand Hadida, "I wanted to change the dimensions, lengthen the volumes, increase the contrasts, and create a contemporary graphic design. For the trim, I chose patinated brass, copper and treated wood that leave no trace.

Roland Szélé, by ensuring that everything is done within the limits of virtue, has created more than a brand: a signature. If certain noble woods will never be used, out of ethics, common sense, and respect, everything else is possible: materials - raw and solid - never used in industry, hot rolling allowing to manufacture in dimensions unimaginable until now, and to the millimeter, if you please, thanks to the know-how of large workshops located in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Different, incomparable, both in their architecture and in their sensibility, No Name kitchens allow, for example, vertical storage. Every element becomes accessible, easy to use and to protect. From storage to equipment, every detail is thought out, every finish is reinvented, giving rise to unique, exclusive, charismatic kitchens, adapted to those who will use them.

The freedom claimed by No Name is absolute - any comparison is impossible. Except in the mouth of Alain Ducasse himself, for whom the No Name kitchen of Leclaireur Hérold is "the Bentley of kitchens.

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