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MONSE - Third half

There is going to be some sport this season. LikeKochéandits collection inspired by the PSG, Monseoffers us a collectionspring-summer 2018 collection somewhere between the waxed floors of basketball courts and the freshly...

There will be sports this season. Like Koché and its collection inspired by the PSG, Monse offers us a collection spring-summer 2018 collection somewhere between the waxed floors of basketball courts and the freshly cut grass of American soccer fields, with less sweat and a glass of champagne in hand.


leclaireur-monse-ss18-16 leclaireur-monse-ss18-15 monse-ss18-article-02

From there to think that Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia want us to shout "M.O.N.S.E." all in heart there is only one step, that we will cross cheerfully by wearing high the colors of the American brand. Those of a navy blue university jacket, turned over in a strapless way, whose white and red border is also found on a woolen top with a very sportswear lacing. A bomber that is also a suit jacket, for more formal moments or cocktails.

leclaireur-monse-ss18-12 monse-ss18-article-05

Left side :white printed shirt
right :cotton sweater (available in red)

Leather, a symbol of fetishistic sensuality, is used this season in laces on the front of wool sweaters, a lacing pattern similar to that found on baseballs. The snaps usually found on sports pants invest here the sleeves of a long shirt and a sweater, revealing a feminine sensuality both subtle and dynamic.

leclaireur-monse-ss18-14 leclaireur-monse-ss18-11

At the bottom, the long skirt frays, evoking the bright pom-poms of cheerleaders and those sportswear we like to wear so often at home that they end up falling apart without ever losing their charm.

Score on all fronts with Monse at Leclaireur Sévigné and on


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