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Julien Benhamou - Figure Libre

The male body, all finesse, all power, transported by the dance... If Julien Benhamou is one of the official photographers of the Opera, it is because he has the gift...

If Julien Benhamou is one of the official photographers of the Opera, it is because he has the gift of capturing the unique and exhilarating relationship that exists between body and movement. From the Opera to the Lido, there is only one step, performed on one of the most enchanting stages in Paris, trodden by the greatest, from Josephine Baker to LaMichael Leonard, whose talent was born under the artistic direction of the immense Bill T Jones.

Julien Benhamou editorial 01

LaMichael wears a YOHJI YAMAMOTO outfit.

LaMichael Leonard as a hyphen between gold and glitter, staged and captured by the enlightened eye of Julien Benhamou. The energy exhaled by the subtleties of black. The masculine is draped in a Julius poncho, as if in a cocoon. The Miyake pleat, on the lower part of the body, leaves the thighs free, and clasps the ankles stretched like roots drawing, in the earth, the original strength of the being and the spirit.

Julien Benhamou editorial 02 Julien Benhamou editorial 03

Left: LaMichael wears pleated pants ISSEY MIYAKE; Right: LaMichael wears a coat ISSEY MIYAKE

A fertile black, from which Yamamoto brings out the precious colors of wild orchids, red and gold, or the creamier white of tuberose. Thus movement is liberated, thanks to the lightness of the fabric, and prints on the material its happy undulations. The technique at the service of beauty, of the exception, and of the talent sublimated by the eye of the artist.

Julien Benhamou editorial 04

LaMichael wears a JULIUS poncho

Julien Benhamou editorial 05

LaMichael wears an ISSEY MIYAKE pant

Julien Benhamou editorial 06

LaMichael wears an ISSEY MIYAKE coat

Art Direction & Photography : Julien Benhamou
Dancer : LaMichael Leonard
Assistants : Aline Dolinka and Emilie Bouchon
Styling : Leclaireur

Thanks to the Lido and its team.


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