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GIORGIO BRATO - Italian Rebel Elegance

Some people are born in lace or gold-plated dishes. Giorgio Braschi grew up with leather in his family. He follows in the footsteps of the clan, and from 2001, launches...

Asphalt trend, even diamond in the rough, the House of Giorgio Brato has a taste for leather, vintage and a masculine look on fashion.

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Some are born in lace or silverware. Giorgio Braschi, on the other hand, grew up in leather, with his family. He followed in the clan's footsteps, and in 2001, launched high-end leather jackets that immediately revealed a keen sense of fashion.

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A fan of artisanal techniques, the designer gives his garments a personality that is both raw and elegant, and an aesthetic halfway between the comfortable and protective motorcycle jacket - which the Italian designer produced in his early days - and the urban leather jacket. The finesse of his work and the use of nappa leather - a particularly soft, smooth leather - gives each piece its fluidity, lightness, and silky appearance. The patina of his jackets, coats, shoes and handbags was developed from specific dyes.

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The leather remains alive, adapting over time to the wearer's morphology. The linings, mainly cut from organic cotton, reproduce a historical map of the city of Bologna and bear witness to the family and personal heritage that Giorgio Braschi perpetuates year after year, with 100% Italian know-how.

And for collectors, a "Giorgio Brato interpreta Ducati" capsule has even been created as a tribute to the legendary motorcycle brand born, like him, in Bologna, in keeping with the House's own vintage spirit.

Available at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas andLeclaireur Sévigné.


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