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GEOFFREY B. SMALL - Excellence on stage

"Come and Go" is the first women's collection by the American designerGeoffrey B. Smallto be presented as a play. "Come and Go", in reference to the play written by Irish...

"Come and Go" is the first women's collection by the American designer Geoffrey B. Small to be presented as a play. "Come and Go", in reference to the play written by Irish author Samuel Beckett, and a commitment to celebrate creativity and craftsmanship, excellence, art and culture.

When it comes to experience, skill and ethics, Geoffrey B. Small is a name that comes up often, as we mentioned last season. His uncompromising approach to clothing places him alongside the Paul Harnden, Maurizio Amadei, Elena Dawsoncommitted to intelligent fashion with a human face.

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As proof, he and his team offer a wardrobe of genuine limited editions - meaning numbered - and handmade. Each piece bears the signature "made by hand at Cavarzere Venizia, Italy" guaranteeing their authenticity and geographical origin, since Geoffrey B. Small centralizes its production in this region of the Italian boot, within a radius of 250km. A production limited to 1740 pieces this season.

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"We invest more in the buttons on our garments than other designers might in their fabrics - it's part of our Art. They're all different and each have their own story."

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The HUWJ17, and HUWJ16 slim-fit jackets, are designed in a high-quality Super 150 virgin wool woven in Pollone Biella. The lining is a floral print in Como cotton, while the sleeve lining is cupro, whose texture offers maximum softness. Each piece is hand-dyed in an 8-hour process to obtain that special patina, those color variations that are the signature of Geoffrey B. Small.

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The horn and pearl buttons are made by Claudio and Cinzia Fontana, based in Parma, and the buttonholes are made of extremely pure silk, as is the case with the HUWP11 pants, produced in 6 pieces worldwide, 2 of which are available exclusively in Europe from Leclaireur.

Discover the men's and women's collections of Geoffrey B. Smallat Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas.


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