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GEOFFREY B. SMALL - Karma Karma, Gentlemen

City silhouettes, stemming from the Italian costume tradition, and often sober chromatic palettes: over the decades,Geoffrey B Smallhas managed to captivate lovers of well thought-out, well-cut, well-made clothing.

Urban silhouettes, stemming from the Italian suit tradition, and often sober color palettes: over the decades, Geoffrey B Small has managed to captivate lovers of well thought-out, well-cut, well-made clothing.

Geoffrey B Small article 01

In an anticipated collaboration, Small has imagined a collection of limited edition pieces for Leclaireur for this fall/winter 2017. Each piece is handmade, obviously. Suits, Super 120 wool jackets, shirts and sweaters with original cuts and proportions are designed in a selection of noble materials. Geoffrey B Small uses pure silk thread for the details and buttons, and doubles the jackets with hand-dyed satin, with floral or paisley motifs, depending on the case. The ETK01 sweater, made of merino wool knitted in Tuscany, owes its distinctive patina to a hand-dyed process. More than eight hours, under close supervision, are necessary to obtain this contrast between the colors and their density.

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Details of the sweater ETK01

A designer in his own right, Geoffrey B Small is much more than just a name on a shirt or suit label. His ethically responsible approach to clothing and his know-how, honed over almost forty years, attest to the quality and authenticity of his approach. He is also one of the pioneers in the use of recycled and organic materials, and underlines through his work the absurdity of a production without limits, dangerous for the Nature and for the Man.

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His virtuous and uncompromising approach to clothing is an act of faith. His commitment to intelligent, patient fashion with a human face is total, close to that of Bonotto and his Fabbrica Lenta. Based in the Venice area, close to the artisans with whom he collaborates within a 250km radius, Geoffrey B Small centralizes his production to better define its limits, with a reasonable number of pieces, all made around the same idea: to make "the best possible clothes in the world". Yes, sir.

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Be beautiful inside, beautiful outside, beautiful anyway, at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas.

Pictures of Alex Biella by Guido Barbagelata


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