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VESTIMENTARY DUALS - Woolen skins vs. Down jackets

The season's frontrunners are revealed: the ultimate battle for the best winter coat belt is about to begin. In the left corner, the down jacket. A technical garment that has...

This season's frontrunners are revealed: the final battle for the best winter coat belt is about to begin.

In the left corner, the down jacket. A technical garment that has come straight down from the snowy peaks to become a winter must-have, it comes in all shapes, all colors, all styles.

In the right corner, the woolly skin, also known as shearling. From the American pilots of the 1940s to the democratization of style, this cousin of leather has become timeless.


Let's get ready to rumble! Round 1 : FIGHT!


32 Paradis Sprung Frères vs. Moncler Genius

The clash of the titans, the meeting of know-how. Black belt versus red belt.

32 Paradis Sprung FrèresSprung Frères, here since the 1920s, has made woolen skin one of its specialties. Here the model is elegant, sober and highlights the silhouette with a belt marking the waist.MonclerThe giant of the down jacket joins Simone Rocha for a piece almost lacquered with feminine details and bright color.


Fendi vs. Poiret

Fendi and its full monogram plays the card of the tendency on a model in shearling in the sensual softness. The Italian house doubles down with this completely reversible piece. Turn your jacket inside out, literally.Poiret returns to the ring after nearly 90 years of absence with refined and radical lines, which the house transforms into a down jacket with impressive volume, perfect for curling up and spending the winter in warmth. The icing on the cake? This amazing bright yellow lining that warms up the coldest atmosphere.


Giorgio Brato vs. Facetasm

A fighter who respects himself knows how to make his entrance in the rules of art. Very often, it is their identity hidden by a hood that they make their entrance on the ring. This, Giorgio Brato and Facetasm have understood it well.

The first one has fun with diagonal lines in tone on tone on a black and velvety leather like the night, and a furry hood. The second one relies on texture, with a voluminous down jacket without being oversized, in a crumpled fabric of a bright orange giving relief to the silhouette.


Cherevichkiotvichki vs. Moncler Genius

Anonymous or logotyped, fighting for oneself or wearing the colors of a larger cause, the clothes sometimes speak louder than long speeches.Cherevichkiotvichki and his raw shearling coat, a large pocket on the heart, ideal to hide the handkerchief of his lady. When Craig Green designs for Moncler Genius an immaculate white down jacket. The English designer sees things in big, so big that he displays the logo of the collection on the chest version XXL.



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