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Good resolutions

The year 2019 is already pointing to the end of its nose, and the time has come to make good resolutions.

The year 2019 is already pointing to its nose, and the time has come to make good resolutions. Even if two weeks later, as every time, we will have already forgotten them, we chose to refocus on the essential. We relax, we cultivate ourselves, we take time for ourselves and we celebrate. A simple and effective program that we will probably keep until 2020.


1. Go green

Take some time for yourself, go green on the weekend. Head for the Alps or Italy - and why not both? - with a Moncler down jacket for the romantic souls or those who swear by passion. And for a bucolic London calling, we opt for Richard Quinn, Off-White, from head to toe. 

Moncler Down Jacket 

Richard Quinn printed sweater, Off-White skirt pants, Off-White boots


2. We do sports

This year, there will be sport! We're going all out with the Koché polo shirt, ready to enter the fray. We'll run until we lose our breath in Fendi x Fila leggings, and we'll walk the streets of Paris in Nike Cortez x Undercover.


Polo Koché, Fendi x Fila leggings, sneakersNike x Comme des Garçons


3. Let loose

What if we finally let our madness express itself? What if we assume the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide that resides in each of us? We accept ourselves as we are, we play with appearances, with flowery Richard Quinn gloves, and we cultivate this aura of mystery that seduces so much, well hidden behind a Gucci scarf. 

Gucci hoodie, Richard Quinn gloves


4. Cultivating ourselves

How about slowing down a bit with Instagram? Books are man's best friend, it's proven! So let's head to the public library with a Chloé blouse on top for romance, Gucci pants on the bottom to seduce all, and Fendi boots to have both feet firmly planted in its time.

Chloé blouse, Gucci pants, Fendi boots, Sener Besim glasses


5. We stay in touch

After a busy day, we check in with the family and make plans with friends. At night, we let loose, we think big, we are extravagant, with a Dries Van Noten coat in synthetic fur and Gucci thigh-high boots made to conquer the world.

Dries Van Noten coat - available at Leclaireur Boissy d'Anglas, Thom Browne striped coat, Balenciaga tapered pants, Gucci thigh-high boots


6. We sleep more

And because you have to live in the moment, you open your chakras and follow your emotions by taking the path of the heart, wearing Gucci sandals. Make every night a dream with this Haider Ackermann set, and you're sure to make this 2019 an unforgettable year.

Haider Ackermann Jacket, Haider Ackermann pants, Gucci sandals




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