Reminiscing the past for lost beauty we seek. In the light of evolution, we are in need of a breach. As the fashion industry never seems to decelerate, we ask from you a pause of solace to contemplate.
This never seizing pace, is far from our amorphous intentions. Let it pause for an occasion. Questioning continuity, memories, and experiences to travel to the decades of embryonic creation. Where would we have been, if we ever had the power of choice? At the right time in the right place, in the atelier of the unknown.

Reliving well-traveled styles, we gathered a selection of pieces supplemented with good instincts and accurate interpretations of craftsmanship.


New culture, new mode, a new way to be. Visionary and mysterious, this selection explores harmoniously forward creations. Attentive and conscious, we aimed on envisioning a future direction based on what is happening today. Their substance goes beyond the visible aspect into imagining a possible parallel world.
Transcending futures to invite the notion of fate: the good and the bad, the mistaken and the wise, with strength and all-embracing gratitude that borders a kind of enthusiastic affection for a new futurism.


Date: 17 août 2021
Author: Eléonore Meningaud


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